Children and families dealing with developmental disabilities have a harder time navigating our world. Their tracks aren’t that of the typical child or family. They often feel trapped, alone and ostracized. Something incredible happens when you expose these children to adventure. Not just any adventure, but that on the waves of the ocean. On the outside it seems like a just fun activity to keep the children occupied. But on closer look it is so much more. Not only is it fun for these kids, but they learn things that typical children may take for granted. Their nervous systems come alive with the new experiences, and their brains change and grow. Not only do they benefit from this experience but their parents, and the community as a whole is better for it. It is an experience that arguably cannot be had in any other part of our world. It is incredibly unique and powerful. A completely immersive experience of change for everyone involved.

Producer and Director Benjamin Keller

Ben Keller has been producing documentary films for over 15 years, ranging from action sports to historical
pieces. He graduated from New York University, after which he traveled the world. It was through these
experiences that he realized that all we have as humans is our story. It defines us and exposes us. Leaves us
vulnerable and strengthens us. Ben realized too, that it is our way in the world that makes these stories what they are, and help us move through this life. It is these stories that he enjoys telling the most. These relational type of narratives. His first film Ishmael followed a group of surfers as they explored New England’s wintery wastes, and what it was that inspired people to such extremes. His second award winning documentary Bluegreen explored our deep and inextricable link to the ocean.

Today Ben has once again upped his personal ante and created the beautiful and thoughtful film Immersion. This film would not have been possible without the incredible cooperation of the family and Special Surfers.  Ben also relied on the generosity of a team of incredible camera talents including Dean Merril, Nick Bowie, Kenn Gonneville and his two sons, Max and Owen.