iMMeRSiON on Amazon

girl with disabilities surfing

After a long while, Dubious Honor’s surfing documentary short ‘iMMeRSiON’ is now available on Amazon! You can watch it on demand or purchase it outright here: http:// .

‘iMMeRSiON’ is a story about a group of incredible kids with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. The film follows 4 kids and illustrates how a few days in the ocean surfing waves dramatically improves their, and their families’ lives.

For director Benjamin Keller, this was a life-changing piece. “The strength that these kids show is phenomenal. The impact of a day in the waves on them and the community is truly amazing. It is just more proof of the oceans power over us all. Because it has the power to invigorate and heal.”

This is an amazing, feel good story and surfing documentary. And Dubious Honor is incredibly proud to be able to get it out to the public via Amazon. Check out ‘iMMeRSiON’ and stop by the films site for more information as well:

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